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SHR IPL Therapy system SHR IPL Therapy system

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SHR IPL Therapy system
SHR Elite (IPL+RF) hair removal skin rejuvenation EG
SHR Elite (IPL+RF) hair removal skin rejuvenation EG
SHR Elite (IPL+RF) hair removal skin rejuvenation EG
  • Manufacturer: Beijing Sincoheren

  • Brand: Monaliza

  • Name: Elite(IPL+RF)EG

  • Mode: Elite EG

  • Certification: CE

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  • Permanent hair removal

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Wrinkle removal

  • Removal of acnes, herpes

  • Removal of veins

  • Healing of red nose

  • Removal of various pigmentation

  • Skin stretching

  • Face lifting (bipolar RF)...

E-light technology combines electrical (conducted radiofrequency (RF)) and optical (light) energies. It based on the optical component (IPL) heating the hair shaft, which then is thought to concentrate the bipolar RF energy to the surrounding hair follicle. The general idea of this method is to reduce the intensity – and thus, the potential side-effects  of optical energy by combining it with bipolar radiofrequency (RF), which is supposed to concentrate where the light has selectively heated the target. Based on this combination, low Fluence is needed for the optical component, thereby suggesting it might be well tolerated in all skin photo types, and potentially effective in the removal of white and poorly pigmented hair.

Light source

Xenon lamp


Intence Pulsed Light +   Radio  Frequency


HR (hair removal)690-1200nm

SR (skin rejuvenation)   560-1200nm


HR 20-50J/cm²

SR 20-50J/cm²

RF frequency

10M HZ

RF power

50 W


Traditional IPL and SHR


1-5 Hz for SHR

Spot size

16×57 mm2 for HR

8×34 mm2 for SR

Skin cooling

Contact skin cooling technology


Semiconductor cooling, water   cooling and air cooling


110-240VAC 50Hz 3000VA



Net Weight